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Posted on Sep 24, 2010 by in Legacy, Uncategorized |

I don’t know why it is so hard to leave the house without my son.  It takes forever when I bring him with me, but when I go out alone I am always afraid of forgetting something.  Without my toddler in tow, I feel so light.  Once I am out, I feel fine, but the packing is such a hassle.  It is like going on a vacation for two days but packing for a week.  As soon as I am at my vacation spot, the relief sets in and I have trouble leaving in the end.  The same thing happens with my Starbucks runs.  Going home again seems harder the longer I am out.

Unfortunately, my little one is sick right now.  It is hard for him to nurse or eat anything.  He even threw up the other night, and it was deposited all over me.  Into the bath tub he went to be hosed down.  The smell was not appetizing and his breath still reeks of mucus.  At least he waited until after the BIG E Fair to get sick.  The BIG E is a big deal fair in the northeast that takes place in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  I hope he feels better for tomorrow because we are going to an agricultural fair.  He is a miserable little baby when he is sick, and has even passed up cheese (which is his favorite food).

At the BIG E, we had lots of fun.  I brought Linus into the petting zoo, but he preferred waving at the animals than actually touching them.  We ate lots of food and tried samples in the state buildings.  All the northeast states have their own building including, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  Each state shows off with special food and businesses from their area.  We stayed clear of the Rhode Island building, because since it was their special day it was extra crowded. 

In the Massachusetts building, we had apple cider, an apple cider donut, cranberry raspberry juice, and maple cream cones.  My husband and I also shared a turkey chili cheese dog and I had some fresh raspberries.  In the Maine building, I tried blueberry juice, and all three of us shared a pumpkin whoopie pie.  Linus loved it so much that he was upset when it was gone.  Maine also had maple cream filled truffles that were very sweet but melted nicely when bit into.  The Vermont building was our favorite for we sampled a couple beers from Otter Creek, and decided to share the blackberry wheat.  We also picked up a couple of packs of beef jerky for later.  There were other samples of cheese, dips, wines (in CT), and more.  I picked out a gourd for Linus that will hopefully dry out to be a rattle.  On the way out we all got milkshakes, though Linus didn’t finish his until later at home.  Honey sticks also came home with us for a snack later.  Our biggest regret was that we didn’t have room for the BIG E cream puff this year. 

We were so tired after fair, but we had already signed up for a program at the library that evening.  So we dragged ourselves there, and enjoyed the company of other parents and their children, along with snacks.  The last week of the program they will even be serving pizza, though that it not the purpose of the program.  The program is for children under three and their parents to play, read, and learn together while creating a community of other parents and specialists in different areas of child development.  Chris, my husband, is upset he won’t be able to come to the pizza party.  Luckily, I did meet one other young mom who is still breastfeeding a two-year-old.  Hopefully being part of more programs at the library will assist our family in making friends in similar life situations.  We already love our weekly storytime.


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