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Coffee Conversation

Posted on May 12, 2012 by in Legacy |

The smell of coffee is so comforting.  I love the way it fills our house after roasting.  It had been weeks since we last roasted our own coffee, and it was so good to roast again.  The taste of freshly roasted coffee is unbelievable.  I remember the beauty of it as I now sit in Starbucks.  I missed the flavor and warmth of its essence.  Coffee is the nectar of life and a wonderful thing to wake up to.  We had to resort to having black tea in the morning, which is not the same.  I am not downplaying tea, but as I morning beverage it is not our norm.  Tea is my afternoon wake-me-up beverage during snack time.  I had to sneak out for a couple hours, and it feels like it has been forever since the last time I did.

Last week, we were busy with Free Comic Book Day and a small local business expo.  This weekend we took a family walk to the playground and then a nap.  Linus was still asleeep when I left, but it was my only chance.  I felt bad about leaving him with my husband without saying goodbye.  Sometimes it is harder to leave when he is awake.  He doesn’t always want to let me leave.  I wanted to hit up the Frappuccino Happy Hour on such a nice hot day.  Plus, tomorrow is the last day for the promotion. 

I wish I had a longer time to be out, but I will have to make due with what I have.  I just enjoy it being so quiet.  I am also looking forward to a Mother’s Day brunch tomorrow with my mom and Grandma.  It is always nice to eat out for special occasions.  My dad is kindly bringing the three of us to the special event.  I am planning on wearing something out of the ordinary.

Right now, I am having trouble focusing on my writing.  I am trying to get my husband to turn off the slow cooker, but his phone is off.  It is hard to write when I am thinking about other things, so I will just write about what is bothering me.  Our house phone is set to voice mail, since Linus was still sleeping when I left.  For some reason, my husband’s cell phone is off as well.  I am thinking I will have to go home early just to turn off the slow cooker.  Not very happy about the situation, I was hoping to stay out a little longer.  I haven’t had any quality writing time in a long while, and now that I have a little, I have to go home early.  Never mind, he just emailed me back and says, “Okay.”

Not really sure what to do with the small amount of time I have, but the silence in my head is peaceful.  I can better concentrate on just me, instead of a screaming toddler.  While I am enjoying my brunch tomorrow, I am sending my husband and son to visit his mother for lunch.  That way, no one will be alone on Mother’s Day.  Later, we are suppose to send Linus to his Grandma’s house, so we can have a little break.  Tomorrow’s weather looks just as nice as today has been.  I am excited about the turn of the weather because the rain and clouds were really getting old.

I hope everyone has a blessed Mother’s Day tomorrow.  Enjoy your families and I hope you are having beautiful weather as well.

-Tanya Weitzel

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