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A Family Anniversary

Posted on Jun 25, 2012 by in Legacy |

Linus has formulated his beautiful view of a family.  Every time he sees any living creature (or stuffed animal), he relates it to a mommy, daddy, or baby.  It is so cute to hear him say, “Family.”  The first time I ever heard him say the word was when he decided that Mommy, Daddy, and Linus could all go to the park as a family.  I was so impressed and honored by his enthusiasm for such a gathering.

Our expressions of love between the three of us have already left quite an impression upon Linus.  He really enjoys being part of something bigger, just as we are all part of God’s promise and His love.  I am really touched when Puppy (a stuffed dog) cries for his mommy, or the three butterflies on the wall are a family.  It makes me appreciate our little family and how lucky we are to have each other.

We ended up celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary as a family by going out for dinner Saturday night to Home Town Buffet.  I had a coupon to get Chris and I a discount, and Linus would only be $1.99.  I really wanted to go to a buffet in celebration of our anniversary, and this buffet is close by and family-oriented.  We repeated the rules for adequate public dining to Linus a few times on the way there to make sure he would be on his best behavior.  It was getting a little late and I was nervous about what may occur as his exhaustion set in.

His overall behavior was decent and he enjoyed seeing other kids with their families.  It was nice going out together and having a great time.  We hadn’t gone out to eat as a family in a long time due to Linus’s inability to sit still and our new budget.  Fortunately, we had some leftover budgeted money for our anniversary and dining out, so we decided to “splurge” and take a chance with Linus at a public restaurant.  I am really glad we did since we had a blast.  God made marriage for families and it was important to have that time together in celebration.

-Tanya Weitzel

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