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The Walls’ Memories

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 by in Legacy |

The walls still whisper
the pains of the past.
Bleeding on the inside
and still standing.
Strong and silent,
but yearning to tell
every secret they remember.
Feeling so depressed
and living with the hurt
I never knew existed.
Beating myself up
over every little thing
and never having fun.
A poor body image,
yet self-confident,
so confused to the core.
Hormones racing
without direction.
Fear taking over
the numbness in my heart.
Misguided by others,
screaming from my soul,
“They must be lying.”
Well-intentioned and good,
but it was wrong for me,
I needed so much more.
Deep and reflective,
meditating in solitude
I felt nothing.
So much was missing
from their words.
I felt betrayed and disconnected.
They never felt like friends
in the way they meant to.

The walls speak these truths.
They have heard the lies.
Scars have healed.
But they still remember.
-Tanya Weitzel

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