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Coffee and Wine

Posted on Aug 12, 2012 by in Legacy |

Drinking Starbucks coffee makes me miss our home-roasted coffee.  The heat has lessened our desire to warm the house up any further in order to roast it.  We also haven’t been home very often due to swimming at my parent’s house.  Unfortunately, we have resorted to having iced tea most days.  I really like iced tea, but I love coffee.

As I am reading my wine book, the information relates so closely to coffee.  Coffee also requires certain growing climates, regions, and roasting techniques that give it unique qualities.  Wine and coffee go so well together.  They even have antioxidant components.  Being passionate about both beverages, I wish I could create something more out of it.  We are hoping to make our own wine in the future, when we have enough money saved for the startup costs.

I am thinking about maybe starting a monthly wine tasting party, or some type of wine club, where each couple would bring a bottle of wine to share and maybe a food item.  The location would either be our house, or we could rotate between the couples’ homes.  It would be interesting to try different types of wine and talk about them among other couples.  We could all learn more about what we like and have fun bonding.  I would most likely start it in the fall, since we would need time to organize and gauge the interest.  A wine club would help everyone expand their horizons by trying new wines and making new friends.

-Tanya Weitzel

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