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Health, Memory, and Wine

Posted on Aug 24, 2012 by in Legacy |

On top of being tired, now I think I may have a cold.  I hope Linus doesn’t get it and that my breast milk helps him beat it before it starts.  To kill a cold is a hard battle.  I will just have to work through it and rest when I can.  Drinking extra liquids should help as well.  Though, if I have any wine, I will have to double or triple up on water.

I am excited and anxious about the days ahead.  With so many things to do and plan, this “cold” better not get in the way.  Going to bed early and drinking lots of water will help me get over it faster.  The best scenario would be that I am just over tired and having allergies today. 

Thinking about my wine book, I find it interesting the way it explains how memory and wine work together.  The smells and aromas from wine come from memories of other things in life.  Wine may have a nose of coffee, chocolate, peaches or grapefruit.  These are smells the brain remembers, and therefore, our memory is triggered as we compare them to the wine.  Drinking wine also makes for good conversation as we talk about the tastes we are experiencing.  I find that talking and drinking wine go well together.  My husband and I sometimes enjoy a glass together after putting Linus to bed.  It is relaxing to sip, talk, and eat treats that Linus doesn’t know about.

-Tanya Weitzel

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