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Posted on Nov 1, 2012 by in Legacy | 1 comment

Linus wanted to be a blue butterfly this Halloween, just like last year.  On the other hand, he had been given a Lightning McQueen costume from my mother-in-law that he would outgrow by next Halloween.  I compromised with him by creating a racing butterfly creature.  The problem is, “Racing butterflies don’t go slow, they go fast,” Linus said.  Needless to say, trick-or-treating consisted of a lot of chasing after the “racing butterfly.”  I also didn’t know that racing butterflies could slam a car door on your head intentionally.

The fruits of our labor paid off in candy.  Linus has come close to losing his share of it at times.  It happened last week and it may happen again.  I do not understand where all this disobedience is coming from.  He was so rough and disrespectful on Saturday that he lost going to a friend’s Halloween party.  I was upset because my husband and I missed out on the party and the pizza.

We don’t know what to do anymore.  It has been so exhausting dealing with Linus lately, and when we take away privileges, he doesn’t even care.  The lack of impression is the worst part.  When he is disciplined with time-outs, he becomes even more aggressive.  In the midst of a rough attitude, he is not allowed to play with other children because he gets too physical.  If he hurts us, he will definitely hurt his friends.

-Tanya Weitzel

1 Comment

  1. Linus' logic seems to be like his father's. When Chris was that age, we were giving him a bath and washing his hair. He asked, "Why are you washing my hair, but when it rains out, you make me cover my head so that my hair doesn't get wet?" Who can argue with that logic?

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