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True Thankfulness

Posted on Nov 5, 2012 by in Legacy |

Thankfully, all the Halloween candy is officially gone.  I am glad that it will no longer be there to tempt Linus or me.  Now comes the detox of sugar before Thanksgiving.  Though, I do treat myself on Sundays to a donut at church.  Linus has managed to somewhat behave today, while losing a few privileges.  He helped clean up his toys in the living room, but then ran away from me in a parking lot.  His sweetness has no end to it at times, and those special moments make it all worth while.

We were watching a movie as a family last night, and the little girl in it turned to her mother and said, “I love you, Mommy.”  Linus immediately followed her comment with the same words to me.  He decided to pick up the living room on his own this morning and asked me for some help.  Linus also enjoyed sharing his Halloween candy, until his share was taken away.  He can be very loving and helpful.  Sometimes he feels frustrated when I don’t let him do something on his own.

Recently, when a certain toy or privilege is taken away, he says, “I am going to force myself to ______.”  I don’t think he realizes what forcing truly is.  Also, during family prayer before bed, we ask him what he is thankful for.  Linus says, “I am thankful that I got my cars taken away.”  Thankfulness is something he is still learning.  This month is the perfect time to help him understand what being thankful means since we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.

-Tanya Weitzel

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