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The Land of the Trapped

Posted on Nov 7, 2012 by in Legacy | 1 comment

Unfortunately, the culture of death continues to conquer with the wrong person in a position of power.  God has the ultimate power, only not enough people listen to him.  People choose not to vote, vote without researching the candidates, or just choose someone based on their party.  As Americans, we have the right to choose.  There is always that box where a candidate can be written in, not that they would win.  But our lack of knowledge and conviction is the problem.  We don’t have to pick one out of two; there are other choices.  Take your children with you to vote so they can see firsthand their American right.  The president should represent the people of this whole nation.  Shutting your eyes and pointing a finger is not the way to choose a leader for all of America.  Pick someone who represents your views and then the president will be your voice.

-Tanya Weitzel

1 Comment

  1. Proud of this post hon!

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