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Advent Thoughts

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 by in Legacy |

I am very lucky and blessed. I have a loving family, friends, and everything and more than I could want or need. My primary needs are well taken care of. Not having to worry about where my next meal is coming from, just what it is, faith seems to be a struggle. The more things one has, the harder it is to keep faith alive. “Stuff” gets in the way of trusting God. During this season, it is difficult to stay focused and keep one’s mind on the true reason for the season. Jesus is our Savior and His coming is what Christmas is about.

As a family, we light our Advent candles and read the reflections of the day together. We also celebrated St. Nicholas’s Feast Day by putting our shoes out (though we had Linus use a boot in order to hold more) and filling them with candy and an extra present for Linus. He was so excited to get candy and a present the next day that he stayed asleep without a peep. That break of not having to keep sending him back to bed was refreshing.

-Tanya Weitzel

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