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If the Dress Fits

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 by in Legacy |

It is very difficult for any woman to find clothes that fit perfectly, but my petite size makes it even harder.  I am often too small for the smallest petite size available.  Thanks to my cousin, and my letting go of the higher cost, I found some dresses online that fit me perfectly.  I even found a new down jacket for a decent price.  These dresses are comfortable and stylish.  When I first saw my cousin wearing one of these dresses, I asked her where she bought it and she told me that the store also carried petite sizes online.  According to the size chart, the jacket and the dress seemed like they should fit, which they did.

I don’t think I would fit into their pants as perfectly, so I will just have to go with what I already own.  I usually end up shopping for pants in the girl’s department.  Though, I did find some junior-size yoga pants online that fit me.  Finding clothes is hard for a woman in a girl’s body.  When I do have clothes that fit me, I feel a lot better about myself and have a better outlook.  It is amazing what good clothes that fit can do for a person.

-Tanya Weitzel

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