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To Await as a Juror

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 by in Legacy |

To wait so long

I can’t contain

this feeling in my gut.

A waste of time

for someone else,

and yet, here I am.


My time is precious.

It is necessary

to be with my young son.

Can’t someone else

be here today?


I’ll deny each trial,

I’ll dismiss them all

until the clock says, “Five.”

Just let me leave,

I can’t commit

to a long awaited stay.


“Tick, tock, tick, tock,”

is all I hear

over the hum of the soda machine.

There’s so much more

I need to do today.


When will this end,

I must confess,

I want to leave right now.

The smell of fast food

makes me sick as others devour it.


A duty, a privilege,

more like an inconvenience.

I doubt I’ll be chosen.

Just let me do my time

so I can get back to my life.


-Tanya Weitzel

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