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Gluten-Free Transitioning

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 by in Legacy |

“No more Cheerios!”  I have said these words out loud and have since kept them to myself.  If you look at a box of Cheerios, sugar is the third ingredient listed.  There is also corn and wheat starch listed. Starches are digested quickly and can raise blood sugar levels.  I always wondered why my son would eat a bowl of Cheerios only to be hungry less than an hour later.  

I have decided not to buy any prepackaged cereals.  Once the supply in our  house is gone, it will not be restocked.  When I have commented on this, my son has become even more resistant to trying new foods, so I now take the sit and wait approach.  Once the Cheerios are gone, they are gone for good.  And it is the same with pasta, which my son also didn’t like hearing out loud.

He will gladly eat fruits, veggies and dip, and hardboiled eggs as snacks.  It is just the weeding out and using up of prepackaged “healthy” foods that will take some time.  He has tried beef liver and salmon with a smile as well.  His sense of adventure is encouraging.

I have been bringing him to different farms in the area and our local farm store in order to show him where real meat, eggs, and dairy come from.  He enjoys petting and feeding the animals, as well as devouring the delicious food.  

Seeing the source and knowing the standards of a farm makes the consumer more conscious of their choices and helps keep the local farmers in business.  Putting our money into causes we believe in also makes us happier and healthier for it.  

-Tanya Weitzel

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