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Experiencing God’s Beauty

Posted on Aug 5, 2014 by in Legacy |

It is funny how a little racecar from McDonald’s means so much to a little boy.  We don’t go there very often, but for a $2.99 Happy Meal complete with a racecar and air-conditioned play area, it was a nice treat.  The simple things adults take for granted make a child content.  A little treat is a super reward for good behavior.  As adults, we often miss these things.  My son constantly asks me to stop and look at the honey bees pollinating the flowers.  Without his encouragement, I would speed past the gardens looking straight forward and not enjoy the beauty God has given us. 

All it takes is a few moments.  We often think we are too busy to take those extra minutes to absorb the sunshine, listen to the birds, or observe the nature around us.  God gave us all of this beauty.  He wants us to see His love through these gifts.  If we are not receiving His gifts of love, how can we portray love to our children?  God also gave us our children.  By enjoying them, we are receiving His gifts and experiencing His endless love for us.  Linus reminds me how much God loves me through flowers, animals, and himself.  Thank God for the beauty in this world.

-Tanya Weitzel

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