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Technical Talk

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 by in Legacy |

Typing and unaware

of everything around her.

So engrossed in the wrong conversation.

Technology taking away her eye contact

as the relationship is falling apart.

So plugged in

yet zoned out,

trying to find a community

in all the wrong places.


Living in the virtual world

when reality is passing her by.

Missing the moments that truly matter

while checking the status of her friends.

Drama drawing her in,

taking selfies of her last happy hour,

and forgetting the smile right in front of her.


How many times does she turned away

when he just wants to show her something?

How many moments does she pretend to listen

when he sings her a cute little song?

When does she exist in any instance

where her device does not get in the way?

What’s more important:

staying connected

or showing love to your child?


-Tanya Weitzel

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