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Writing My Way

Posted on Sep 29, 2014 by in Legacy |

It feels so natural

to let the words flow out.

I forgot how comforting

it was to let my fingers talk it out.


To shut my mouth

and listen to my heart

so quietly and still.

It has so much to say

but I don’t listen very often.


The outside noises giving way

to what I truly need.

My own soul begins to speak

underneath the busyness.

A comforting hand on my shoulder

encourages me to continue.


Blessed beyond imagination,

yet I complain about others.

Too concerned with them

to see what is right around me.

God is here

when I am not.

I lose myself too easily.


Please bring me back, Lord.

Lead me through the darkness

to find my place in You.


-Tanya Weitzel

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