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Reading Recipes For Relaxation

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 by in Legacy |

One thing I really enjoy is reading cookbooks. It is something that I do for hours without even realizing it. Flavors, textures, and varieties of recipes intrigue me. I love to try new ideas and improvise. I wish there was a way to combine my love of books and cooking. Yes, I could write a cookbook, but there are so many of those. If I were to write one, there would have to be something unique about it.


As someone who loves cooking, I have even given up cookbooks that no longer fit the requirements of our lifestyle. There are so many recipes available for free online, it is hard for people to have the need to buy a cookbook. I borrow cookbooks from the library as well. The only way I will buy a cookbook is if there are enough recipes in it that are unavailable or hard to find online. Kindle cookbooks are a pain for me to read since it is an older version where it is harder to skip around to a certain recipe.


I also enjoy taking photographs, and since we own a nice camera, pictures of the recipes would be easy to take. But I also wouldn’t want to be just another cookbook gathering dust on the shelf. I don’t know if that is the best use of my gifts.


-Tanya Weitzel

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