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Focusing On Important Things

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 by in Legacy |

By decluttering, I am able to focus more on what is truly important. It feels like I have more time even though our schedule is still pretty packed. My list seems shorter and my life simpler. The only change is the way I look at things around me. It is mostly because by making more room in our house, I am spiritually making more room for God in my heart. Even with all the craziness around me, I can still concentrate on what I need to.


I don’t crave to eat the way most people do, or to live the same lifestyle. I live the way God needs me to. The rest is just sugar coating. Sugar increases the appetite for more sugar. Stuff makes one want more stuff. But this world is not our world. God is our light and salvation. Pleasing him will bring peace and happiness material things can never bring.


I have realized the emotions I have put into personal possessions. Instead of owning them, they have been owning me and bringing me down with past negative feelings. Getting rid of these items takes some pressure off of me and allows me to move on. It frees me of the anxiety that comes with physical suffocation.


-Tanya Weitzel

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