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Living For Me Again

Posted on Jul 12, 2015 by in Legacy |

I have been having a hard time taking care of myself lately.  By focusing on others, I had let myself get to the point of being unhealthy.  I didn’t eat enough, I couldn’t sleep, and my body was in survival mode.  My intentions were good, as I was busy taking care of everyone else.  I put up with daily headaches thinking they were a normal part of life.  The constant pain became easier for me to ignore and I didn’t realize it was my body crying out for the necessities of life.

I no longer had enjoyment of life, food, or fun.  Every event became stressful, so I figured it was easier to not go.  With food, every type of food was “bad” so I found it simplier to eat less.  I became so strict and rigid that I stopped living.  I focused too much on what I couldn’t do, that I stopped doing anything but scraping by.

It is hard letting myself enjoy life again and listen to my body.  I am having a hard time digesting large amounts of food at a time, but I know it will get easier.  I had silenced myself for so long that I no longer could hear my voice.  By listening to my body, it will be easier to figure out what God is trying to tell me as well.  When you are lost, has God found you?

-Tanya Weitzel

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