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Downsizing Our Junk

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 by in Legacy |

There are a lot of things I have found that have never been used in our home.  We would like to move to a new home while house prices are on the lower end, but we have way too much stuff.  It is hard for me to organize anything with the stress of all the clutter in the way.  The more we donate and get rid of, the more I see that I can part with.

Some items have more emotional attachment than others.  There are times that it hurts emotionally, financially, or physically to get rid of possessions.  I have put way too much faith in material items and not enough in God.  I have passed this imperfection on to my son.  The day will come when we will go through his toys.  He has been warned of this future project.

For now, my husband and I have been going through our things and giving up on past dreams, hopes, and ambitions that never came to fuition.  It may be painful, but there is great healing as we learn to let go of the things that don’t really matter.  Letting go helps let God in.  How much weight do you give material possessions?

-Tanya Weitzel

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