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Rock Salt Creamery Review

Posted on Jun 3, 2016 by in Desserts |

While on vacation in Sanborton, NH with my family, we stopped by our favorite pancake house at Heritage Farms.  There was a new vegan ice cream shop on their property, so I had to try it out.  The owners had previously owned a dairy farm and sold milk and ice cream, but after having to transition their family to dairy-free living for health reasons, they no longer felt right selling dairy products.  Her husband started coming up with different dairy and gluten-free ice cream products until he found ones that worked.  They now sell cashew ice cream in a bowl, on a stick, or in between cookies.  The shop also consists of bulk items sold by the pound including rice, beans, and seeds along with a few gluten-free products.  There was also a selection of essential oils and detox books to purchase.

The creamery had many flavors of ice cream to choose from which made making a decision difficult.  They all sounded so good.  Most of the flavors are gluten-free with the exception of the coffee flavor.  The cookie sandwiches are even gluten-free.  The ice cream is made with organic cashews and other organic ingredients.  It is vegan and also soy-free.  The owner was really passionate about selling a quality product that she and her husband could feel good about.

I had been eyeing the cookie sandwich, but I wasn’t sure if the cookies were gluten-free.  After finding out that I was good-to-go, I asked for it to be dipped in the dark chocolate as well.  It was a total of $5.50 for the cookie sandwich.  A cup with one mix-in goes for $5.50 and a ice cream on a stick goes for $4.00.  The chocolate coating is an extra $1.00 and toppings are $0.50.  I think the prices include tax, since she didn’t charge me any extra on the $5.50.  Did I forget to mention that my husband treated me?  He wanted me to have something from our vacation to write about for my blog.

The cookies that encompassed the cashew ice cream consisted of an oatmeal and cinnamon base with gigantic chocolate chips.  I was really surprised by their unique texture and the added cinnamon.  The cookies were soft with love baked into their deliciousness.  I hadn’t had oatmeal cookies in a long time, due to not all of them being gluten-free oat-based, but these cookies were amazing.  Their size was large and appetizing, and the cinnamon reminded me of baking oatmeal raisin cookies to dip in farm fresh milk with my son.  Ah, I miss those days.

The chocolate coating was dark chocolate and exceeded my expectations.  The ice cream center had a hint of vanilla and was so creamy.  It was hard to bite into the sandwich with my small mouth due to its large size, so it took two bites to get through the three layers.  It was definitely worth the stop.  The owners have the heart to keep a business like theirs going with a product made from the finest ingredients plus love.

If you are ever in the lakes region of NH, check out the Rock Salt Creamery on Heritage Farm at 16 Parker Hill Road Sanbornton, NH 03269.

The pancake house next door also serves vegan and gluten-free pancakes.  The family is friendly and the environment is relaxing.  A breakfast at Heritage Farm is an experience, not just a meal.




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