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Coffee Break at Dunkin’

Posted on Jul 27, 2016 by in Beverages |

I originally wrote the following post on June 20, 2016, but the WIFI was not cooperating at Dunkin Donuts:

Ahh. A break from being mom and wife with a cup of coffee that is still steaming. Wafting the nutty scent and taking in the aroma of Dunkin’ Donuts, I can’t believe I am here. I am suppose to be working on a review, but I really need to get some things out. Not to mention, their WIFI has decided not to work. Feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioner is refreshing after a short walk in the heat from dropping of my son at his Magic Tree House Camp. Two and a half hours just for me.

My senses are awakened when I hone into my surroundings without interruptions. The artist in my soul is set free and I become alive for the first time. As a babe just born, I have been learning how to live all over again. I have been noticing and appreciating things I haven’t in a long time. After living on autopilot for so long, daily life seems so strange. I look forward to eating with my family. I am no longer eating out of guilt, frustration, or boredom.

The cloud of steam rises from my coffee like a a fire just rekindled. I feel the Lord has been opening me up in new ways. I have been closing so many doors in terms of food, people, and opportunities, that I have had a hard time just surviving. Even that, I often failed at. After reading so much information and distracting myself about my health, I am beginning all over again. This is a new life. I deserve to live, enjoy and love. God wants that for me and for all of us. I have been slowly killing my soul through good intentions. Those are the type that are the hardest to see. Satan colors them over and tricks us. He wants us to be miserable. God want me to accept his love and share it.

I will continue to open up to God and myself. Are there ways in which you have closed off yourself from God? If so, how can you tear down some of those walls?

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