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Posted on Aug 3, 2016 by in Beverages |

Should I feel guilty for changing my diet? Not if it helps me and others. There is so much confusing information on the internet about vegan vs. paleo vs. vegetarians. It is hard to keep any of this information straight and figure out what is best for the individual. I have spent too long debating so many things only to have to start all over again. I just worry that people might think I am a hypocrite. I am on the same journey as the rest of you. God is showing me a way to him through food. It might have taken two years, but I am getting there.


Always changing in this life, God is always the same. He has never steered me wrong, I just went the long way. Calling each of us by name, He wants us home. There is so much information coming at us through the internet and media. I have been unsuscribing like crazy from unimportant email lists. All these “free” days are annoying and unnecessary. They have not been leading me toward God. If anything, all the extra stuff has been getting in the way of my healing.


That is another mindset I have noticed as a trend with French women. They only do what they enjoy. Since they do less, they enjoy the things that they do do even more. On the days that I get less done, I feel more satisfied. On the days that I eat slower, I may eat less food, but I appreciate the food that I do eat. French women won’t even eat or drink coffee standing. It is actually considered rude and annoying to stand and eat.


I have not been able to stand and eat for the last few weeks. There are times that I stand and drink coffee, but I prefer to sit and enjoy it. Unfortnately, I usually have to reheat it. I just like my coffee at a certain temperature. I will just bring it home and reheat it for later or tomorrow morning. I only get the coffee to use a spot to write and plus I have coffees left on my coffee card from Christmas. Drinking coffee at home is more enjoyable in some ways, but in order to stay at a coffee shop, you do have to make a purchase.


I hope none of my readers think that I am a hypocrite. Another revamp will probably be coming as I relaunch this site through WordPress and leave Squarespace behind. There are a lot of things in the air at the moment and I have to rely on God in order to stay steady. He is my Rock and my Salvation. I’m sorry if any of my readers are upset by this change, but I will continue to do food reviews and post recipes in the future. This blog is still going to be about finding healing through food. How has God placed a curve-ball in your life and how did you deal with the change?

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