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Simple Happiness

Posted on Aug 5, 2016 by in Appetizers |

I am tired of letting this culture get in the way of my family being happy. I concern myself with the wrong things and end up stressing way too much. I want to live simply. If I can’t change my physical location to a simpler and slower environment, I have to change my mindset and heart. By getting rid of unnecessary email lists, coupons, wasted time, and “free” things that give me no joy, I hope to find happiness through God’s Holiness. I can only do it by relying on Him.

I have been streamlining what is important to me and what companies I want to support.  I no longer fill my time with a lot of the busyness I used to, but I still have a long way to go.  What ways can you scale down you life to live more simply for God?

These worldly things will not add anything to my life or soul. At the moment, I might feel good, but that won’t last for long. These material things are of Satan’s world. God wants us to build and protect our families. I don’t like the way that “free” things sway me and make me feel like I have to obey. They are not God. By giving into temptation, I am not following God’s Will for my life.

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